The Survival Scouts project involved creating a complete identity for a ficticious scout group that lives in a world much like our own, only 200 years in the future. In their world, global warming was left unchecked by world leaders and the Earth's climate changed the United States and the rest of the world's environment for the worse. In the U.S., those that survived "The Great Change" fled to the West Coast and became the Coalition of States. This coalition established the Survival Scouts as a way to teach adults and children how to survive in their harsh environment. Most importantly, it teaches them how to better their environment in order to pass it down to future generations.

For this project, I created multiple facets of the scouts' identity: a uniform, scout handbook, flags, promotional items, and complete lore for the world in which they live. Finally, I setup a recruitment table at the Square One student showcase in Des Moines, IA to teach visitors about the scouts and why they are so important.

The Scout Handbook | The Uniform | Collateral | Membership Certificates | Scout Day | Promotional Video


The official Survival Scouts Handbook was designed, printed, and bound for visitors to browse.
You may click the edges or swipe to turn the page, or click in the middle to view full screen.


Visitors could pick up a Survival Scouts brochure that briefly explained the lore and purpose of the Scouts.


Visitors could pick up Survival Scouts brochures that briefly explained the lore and purpose of the Scouts.
Stickers were also available to take and label seemingly ordinary surfaces with the logos of the Scouts and the CoS.


These certificates could be filled out by visitors in order to become honorary members of the Survival Scouts. Additionally, each membership card had a troop number on it. Members had fun finding other people with the same troop number!


These are images from the day of the informational event. There were many people that showed up and participated by learning about Scout culture and filling out the membership cards.